Line-up Zwart Goud 2019 - Aso Asin
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Aso Asin

Aso Asin

Aso Asın (fka Driftbui) is an Antwerp based DJ who’s into collecting and sharing music from all corners of the world: from ’70s jazz-funk and progrock to ’90s hip-hop and electronic music, anything goes. Aso Asın has carved a niche for himself over the last couple of years with his unconditional love for ’60s and ’70s music from Turkey.

As a DJ, he has shared the bill with celebrated artists such as Shigeto, Clark, Da Poet, Barış K., Andy Votel, Habibi Funk, Jameszoo, Lefto, Kutmah, Omar Souleyman, Selda Bağcan, and many others.
His monthly residency at WAV Radio and guest appearances on Drrrip, Kiosk Radio, Studio Brussel and The Lot Radio (New York) showcase his versatility.

Besides his activities as a DJ, he’s also one of the founders of Champion Sound, a Belgium based concept that serves as a platform for promoting talented, local beatmakers.